How to pass the exam for Boat Skipper category B and obtain a license to operate boats and yachts up to 18 m long?

The Boat Skipper category B exam could be taken at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure in Zagreb or at one of the Harbour Master’s Offices. The examination program and the manner of taking the exam are prescribed by the Ordinance on boats and yachts.

Candidates who want to take the exam must pre-register for the exam with certain documentation: exam application form, two pictures, copies of personal and driver’s license (proof of passing the first aid exam) and confirmation of payment of state fees for category A – HRK 175 kn (foreigner 320 kn, and for category B – 440 kn (foreigners 820 kn).

The exam is taken orally and theoretically in front of a three-member commission of the Ministry of the Sea or the Harbour Master Office. The candidate who takes the exam should successfully answer the questions of the commission that evaluates the exam with passed or not passed.

Information on exams for acquiring Boat Skipper license category A and B category at Ministry of Sea are mail: ; phone: +385 1 6169 159; +385 1 6169 250 and contacts of the Harbour Master Offices can be found HERE.

The Boat Skipper category B license authorises the holder to operate vessels (boats and yachts) up to 18 m long in international navigation in all seas and waters accessible from the sea with a distance limit of 12 Nm from the nearest coast or island. Category B licence holder can take up to 12 passengers and operate propulsion devices without power limitations (after the age of 18).

The Boat Skipper category A license authorises the holder to operate vessels (boats) up to 7 m long in international navigation in all seas and waters accessible from the sea with a distance limit of 6 Nm from the nearest coast and islands and operating propulsion devices with power limitations up to 15 Kw (20 hp).

SEA MASTER CLASS organizes courses, professional exam preparation for Boat Skippers category B and category A in accordance with the exam program. The course for a Boat Skipper category B lasts 2 days x 4.5 hours (9 hours) and the Boat Skipper category A course lasts 1 day x 4.5 hours.

Participants of our course receive:

  • interactive professional lecture in detail harmonized with the exam program for each category

and additional literature, materials and accessories that will facilitate the mastery of the entire exam program:

  • Boat Skipper Manual – contains all the theoretical contents necessary for taking the exam and safe navigation (category B – 140 pages, category A – 80 pages),
  • Frequently Asked Questions (approx. 200 questions) and Answers,
  • Nautical chart for practicing tasks for working on the chart,
  • Nautical chart accessories (nautical triangles, compass and pencil with eraser),
  • Tasks for working on a nautical chart with solutions,
  • Presentations (Video and PPT) for easier mastering of more demanding content (Winds on the Adriatic, Animations of knots, Working on a nautical chart, Terrestrial navigation, Test for vessel lights, Manoeuvring a boat, Avoiding collisions at sea),
  • Rope for exercise the marine knots,
  • Application form for the exam with instructions for applying.

Applications for the GROUP courses for Boat Skipper category B can be make HERE, and for the course for Boat Skipper category A – HERE.

If you want to prepare for the exam according to your available time and in a location where it suits you – in your home with a computer, notebook or smartphone, we have prepared the ONLINE course for Boat Skipper in Croatian language, and very soon in English language.

See the DEMO of ONLINE course HERE.

We offer “one-on-one” – INDIVIDUAL course for Boat Skipper category B in English language, also.

The method of exam preparation, GROUP, ONLINE or INDIVIDUAL course, guarantees our participants professional and quality preparation and excellent results on the exam.

We wish you a successful pass of the exam and see you at sea!

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