SEA MASTER CLASS launched an ONLINE COURSE for Boat Skipper on our website at the end of March 2020. New circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic and measures taken to reduce classic, group courses have prompted us to activate a project that has been in preparation for some time – ONLINE COURSE for Boat Skipper.

Now, everybody who want to prepare for the Boat Skipper exam can do so from the comfort and safety of their home, from their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

All the necessary staff for the exam preparation are available ONLINE. A detailed interactive Boat Skipper Handbook has been prepared with links to additional media content such as: 20 videos, additional PDF materials that include QUESTIONS frequently asked on the Boat Skipper’s exam and ANSWERS to these questions (about 150 questions and answers) and online TESTS at the end of each of the 5 modules / chapters.

If the ONLINE course user wants additional ACCESSORIES and materials, we have prepared the SET which include: chartwork exercises with solutions, nautical chart for exercises, two nautical triangles, compasses, pencil with eraser, rope for practicing knots. We deliver that SET of additional accessories and materials by priority registered mail to the address of the ONLINE course user.

The ONLINE Boat Skipper course covers all the contents of the Program for taking the exam for the Boat Skipper category B according to the prescribed program in the Ordinance on boats and yachts:

  1. Navigation (Maritime navigation): nautical chart, reading the chart, determining the course and distance, plotting the position of the vessel, marking waterways (balisage), terrestrial navigation, navigation manuals, compass, electronic navigation aids;
  2. Boat propulsion and protective measures: mechanical propulsion devices – divisions, basic concepts of engine operation, control of operations and failures, batteries, fuel, boat electrical installations, fire extinguishers, measures to prevent pollution of the sea with oils, wastewater collection;
  3. Maritime regulations, seamenship and meteorology: regulations on navigation and orders in ports, jurisdiction of Harbour Master’s Offices, boat documents, registration and inspections of boats, crew qualifications, means of maritime transport – types and construction of the boats, boat equipment, boat stability, ropes and knots, meteorology in general, meteorological elements, Adriatic winds, tides, wind waves, swell, shallow water impact, meteorological reports and warnings;
  4. Manoeuvring, safety of navigation and first aid: boat manoeuvring – concept, types, meaning, practical manoeuvring of a boat when docking, sailing, anchoring and mooring, external conditions during manoeuvring; rules for avoiding collisions at sea – practical presentations with models, lights on ships, daily and audible signals, distress signals, cooperation with SAR services, rescue equipment, survival at sea, first aid;
  5. Maritime radiotelephony: RTF station documents, watch service, surveillance and inspection, work at ports; RTF station parts, accommodation and anti-interference measures; identification and call sign, general procedure for establishing communication; distress call and message, urgency and security message; the order of priority in radio traffic, the use of the international table for spelling letters and numbers, checking the radio station before commissioning; practical operation of the RTF station, the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System – GMDSS.

The ONLINE course also includes all the contents of the Program for taking the exam for Boat Skipper category A according to the Ordinance on boats and yachts:

Basics of navigation: 

  1. Nautical charts: reading charts, determining course and distance; 
  2. Rules for avoiding collisions at sea: practical display with models, lights, shapes, sound signals; 
  3. Distress signals;
  4. Ropes and knots; 
  5. Meteorology: Adriatic winds.

The Boat Skipper EXAM could be taken at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure in Zagreb, Prisavlje 14, or at one of the Harbord Master’s Offices.

The EXAM is taken in front of a three-member commission, orally and theoretically. It effectively lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Candidates who take the exam answer the questions of the commission and should demonstrate knowledge in the above-mentioned areas.

The most demanding part of the exam is knowledge of nautical charts and work on nautical charts – knowledge of chart marks, symbols and abbreviations, recognition of marks for marking waterways, finding boat position coordinates, determining courses and azimuths, measuring distances on the chart, determining positions using terrestrial navigation methods. Candidates should use nautical triangles, a nautical compasses and a pencil.

One of the “practical” topics of the exam is tying knots, where candidates are asked to tie one or more knots from the exam program.

Knowledge of the Rules for avoiding collisions at sea is also one of the mandatory topics in the exam. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of the rules to avoiding collisions, as well as lights of ships, shapes and sound signals and distress signals.

As a rule, the exam commission asked questions from ALL areas of the Exam Program.

The Boat Skipper exam has no repeat examination. In case that commission is not satisfied with the answers to the questions from a certain chapter, they consider that the exam has not been passed and the candidate must retake the entire program and must re-register for the exam and pay state exam fees again.

So far, several thousand participants have taken SEA MASTER CLASS courses. We regularly monitor the results of our participants at the exams. Our approach is such that we want to support participants throughout the journey from knowledge acquisition and training to taking the exam, and then further in their practical training, if they want to conduct it through our Practical Courses, which, of course, is not a obligation for taking the Boat Skipper exam.

Our courses participants have shown exceptional success in the exam and their successful results are proof that our approach and methodology of education is successful and well balanced, which we are especially proud of.

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