The project of Sea Master Class was created on the initiative of few individuals, like-minded people who are specially related to the sea and nautical activities. We intentionally stress the importance of positive cooperation with common values ​​based on passion, work and creativity for the benefit of all and the spread of good vibes.

The projects we develop within the company are based on our Mission – the development of quality educational programs that enable the knowledge and skills through different types of nautical courses.

Our Vision articulates our intention, which is to spread collective awareness of the importance of quality knowledge and skills in boating and seafaring and the importance of ecology and preservation of the natural wealth of Adriatic Sea and wider.

We developed the Sea Master Class project within the company Asta Navis ltd. together with other educational programs related to personal and business development. Creatives, marketing experts and educators for personal and business development participate in all of the company’s projects. We are proud of our supportive relationships with business partners with whom we expand excellent cooperation.

About us


Passionate seafarer, sailor, deck officer, , professional educator of nautical programs, board president and project leader in financial industry, Strategic Manager and founder of the company within the brand Sea Master Class and other activities related to education are developed. After many years of working in financial institutions in top management positions, he decided to find his own company with the aim of providing top service through educational programs of excellent quality and easy availability.

“The goal of my work is based on achieving the mission through top educational programs, which enable development on an individual and collective level. I was born at sea, my education is related to the sea (M.Sc. in Maritime Studies, Technology and Organization of Transport and B. Sc. in Maritime Studies, Nautical Studies and Marine Transport Technology) and my first professional experiences are related to the sea and became my passion. I have sailed as deck mate almost all the world’s seas. Life and professional challenges moved me to corporate managerial career in financial industry. When I finished my „land” career I decided to transfer my „sea“ passion to private business and change my lifestyle. I enjoy my work. I am especially proud of the positive results and reactions of participants in theoretical and practical education. Their enthusiasm is a confirmation that we really create positive and quality values.”

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Tečajevi za voditelja brodice - Sea Master Class
Tečajevi za voditelja brodice - Sea Master Class
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